Losperus is the name of a new performance paradigm for Evidence. In making electronic music, we have observed that our process tends to be one of gradual layering, guiding, fading, carefully mixing together streams of carefully crafted recordings, textures, and processes with computer software. We began to wonder about moving this process into the acoustical realm - using various electrical noise makers such as fans, appliances, and various tools and devices to create humming, rattling contraptions on the fly.

In August, we began our first experiments with Losperus, and much to our surprise, it not only fulfilled our expectations, but it opened up a new world of interesting possibilities.

In February, Evidence will embark on a short tour of the Midwest, rummaging through thrift stores in the towns we play in, and creating pieces based on our findings, plus some of our favorite items we will have with us.

Below are some excerpts from recent performances at The Stone in NYC:

one.mp3 || two.mp3 || three.mp3 || four.mp3

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