"Ambient Mission Accomplished." -- LA Times

Evidence is a collaboration between sound artists Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood. Since 2001, they have developed a distinctive language of deeply layered sound, using field recordings of natural and industrial sounds as a primary source of inspiration and sonic material. Their activities range from studio compositions and live improvisations to sound installations, street performances, and numerous collaborations with other musicians, choreographers, and video artists. Recent projects include the participatory performance/installation "Receiver", which broadcasts multi-channel compositions on several closely-tuned FM frequencies to a radio-wielding audience, and "Losperus", a performance of unstable sound sculptures, fashioned improvisationally from discarded household items.

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June 17, 2013
Evidence will perform at PRACTICE in NYC.

July-August, 2013
Evidence will release a new album/installation at Gallery 10 in Brooklyn. Details TBA.

now-the future
Evidence will be watching and listening.



Press Quotes

"We're talking about music with roots into the very concept of deep listening: Smallwood and Moore are really two masters in shifting the centre of your attention in any single moment of their artifacts, creating a pulse with the noises from a bathroom or using badly received voices on the edge of radio waves to picture entities from another galaxy trying to get in touch."
- Massimo Ricci, TouchingExtremes.com (review for Out of Town CD)

"Large pieces of sound get propped up against each other, then topple slowly but forcefully into your field of vision and centre of gravity. The traces of the sound linger like a cloud of phosphorus scorch, and you can lie back when it's finished, breathing the pure scents of industrial New York at its finest."
-- The Wire 235 Sept. 2003 (review for Growroom 7")

"Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood...conjure up wildly involving soundscapes that create and maintain unexpected buckets of of constructional and musical integrity..."
-- The Wire 243 Sept. 2004 (review for Moodspool 7")

"Smallwood and Moore make highly effective use of the world as instrument ... the contours of actual locations melt down to a distillation of their sounding properties. [Out of Town] finds cosmic and glacial evocations in the everyday, celestial vistas in the heart of banality. First and foremost, though, it's about hearing what's actually there and opening that out to a deeper listening."
-- The Wire 236 Oct. 2003 (review for Out of Town CD)

"Out of Town is filled with magical moments as the world transforms itself in the listeners ears."
-- Signal to Noise 32, winter 2004 (review for Out of Town CD)

"If you number yourself (as I do) among those who are aurally drawn to the symphony of a passing train or the rhythmic rally of a Ping-Pong game, then this CD is for you."
-- New York Times, March 1 2004 (review for Out of Town CD)